L-J : Sketch #12

For this one, I’m going to chalange myself to work only with hand painted textures. Something I’ve rarely done in my career so far. I draw everyday, but I never animated a sprite sheet by hand.

Recently, I spent some time watching Jason Keyser’s tutorials and tips and tricks. @Keyserito: Thank you so much for all the energy you put into these. Yes, the popcorn was delicious!

I’m planning to use Flash and Animation Clip. The second one beeing more convinient to work during my daily travels.

For the concept, I won’t get too crazy and try to go with a simple/obvious one. I want to focus on these textures first.

here is some quick sketches:


I have a plan!

  • The tornado shape will be made out of three elements:
  1. A dark cone shape core.
  2. Bottom ribbon meshes with animated sprite sheets. Fast pace.
  3. Upper ribbon meshes with a panning tileable texture.

Here’s the little setup i drew in the bus this morning:

And some quick shape explorations for the textures.


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Started to work this out in Flash:


These are all tileables.
Before I animate this. I’m going to validate its shapes in the editor with a first iteration of the mesh.

Oh quick question concerning the creation of tileable textures In Flash. In this case, I converted them to symbols and aligned 3 instances of it in order to make it tileable. I had to repeat this step for each frame. Does anyone know a better way to do it?

I didn’t recall having seeing it in Keyser’s tutorials… I’ll have a second look.

-First iterations of the mesh/materials/vertex anim
Here’s a quick look on how it’s done:

-Texture style/scale checked.


I feel like meshes would make my project so much simpler. That’s pretty neat. Too bad I haven’t the time to learn another engine ¯_(ツ)_/¯