Kwamé Babb: Sketch #3 WIP

Hey everyone!

Here’s my entry for the Dragon’s Breath sketch! I decided to go against the grain a bit and give the Ice Dragon’s some love. :slight_smile: Here’s my stab at some Ice Breath.

This work was done using Unity 5.5


Nice creative twist making it blue and making it into a super charged beam!

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Nice work so far man, I was hoping somebody would do an ice variation :grin:

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Thanks you two! I started thinking about the dragon before I started working and thought: wait…Chillmaw! YES :smile:

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niice. Chillmaw is a great reference.

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Looks good! Not sure you integrated the swirling line stylistically into the rest of the effect. I’d say remove that or try to push yourself on the style of the other particles to be magically playful as that curving breath line is.
I like the “sparks” or flakes that come off the mouth as an element, I’d add them to the impact point as well.
Speaking of the impact point maybe a reduce the emission on the “ice cracks” element, they seem to build up too greatly at points. Its a challenge to get an effect like this to not blow out to white too much. Overall very well done!.

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Yeah, right on about the swirling line. I’ll probably remove it and work on tightening up the rest. I should be able to reduce the impact point getting too blown out with a combo of reducing emission like you mentioned and altering the color a bit along their lifetime.

Great! Thanks for your comments and feedback, David!