Kurona: Sketch #23 - Cute Magic

Hello! First sketch time, I can’t resist cute things :heart_eyes: So I hope this all set up correctly.


Slime Rancher, My Time at Portia - basic shapes and colours. I wanted to keep it quite simple for my first sketch, especially as I’d like to try something a bit toony, which I haven’t attempted before either.

I can’t think of cute without thinking of pusheen.


Elements I’ve noticed where pusheen gets that cute vibe; limited pastel colours, bold outlines, bouncing and pulsing animation.

So I started with a couple of concepts trying to stick to two colours. I picked three pastels to begin with but I don’t think it’ll need them all for simplicity.


First I thought I’d tackle the clouds and I came across this https://youtu.be/waAW-rrhX4U?t=100, which had quite cute little cloud sprites that fit the simple shapes with an outline that I wanted to try. I thought I’d try a similar design for the sparkles later too. Originally I thought i’d have some animation on the clouds but I’m going to see if I can achieve ‘cute simplicity’ with really simplified elements and shapes.

Also rather than fading smoke and embers out as I normally might, I wanted to try to incorporate the bouncing and pulsing animations that I think give off the cuteness vibe to kind of pop them away :smiley:

Video of all my WIPS so far:

Next improvements:

  • Vector field on the small embers for more wooshing
  • Bigger pop on the impact. Brighter like original concept
  • Improve the ground ring texture and anticipation generally, not sure the lines really fit with the rest of the rounded shapes


Next Improvements:

  • Try a vector field on the small embers for more wooshing
  • Add another element to the anticipation but not too much

I like it :ok_hand:, the stronger impact before the smoke pops will be a good addition imo.

The smoke is the only element with strong lineart like outline, I think it would look better if the smoke visually blended with the rest.

You’re right, I think I got a bit carried away making all the elements at once and the lineart attempt faded away … :man_facepalming: since that was part of the main challenge for me I’m going to try and make the other elements a bit toonier and see how that goes :smiley: Thanks!

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  • changed textures to be more toony; thicker edges around the diamond shapes and larger oversized sprites. New style ring texture.
  • mesh glowing sphere with a fresnel/depth fade outline for a more impactful burst
  • redid the anticipation; the angled lines felt contrasting to the rest of the rounded elements so I decided to change it to a bubble shape and improved timing
  • timing edits also for popping clouds & embers

Video in main post shows all wips :slight_smile:


  • Try a vector field on the small embers for more wooshing
  • Add another element to the anticipation but not too much