Kris Wilkins - Sketch #28 - Stargate

Hey all! using this opportunity to get into blueprint a little bit more. So here is the idea.

A room with 2 alien like pillars (excuse my modelling skills). 2 Floating crystals dislodge from their pillars and start to bob and rotate. They start to spew out energy which opens the stargate infront of the stairs. Then will try and reverse the whole process to close the damned thing :slight_smile:

Update: Crystal Release particles

Update: Vector field idea…

Update WIP1: Props to Jan Kaluza for his floating rocks tutorial over at [] . So now I have my first stargate crystal bobbing. I cut the swivel aspect and just had a straight rotation instead as I think it’ll look cleaner when the particles go in.

Got one of the basic pillars sorted… (I have yoinked the alien symbols from futurama :stuck_out_tongue: )

This will be the crystal that dislodges from each pillar…

So time to get to work and make it not suck!


i really like this idea and there’s a nice theming to your objects and particles. I particulary like your whispey smoke coming out of the pillar, is that animated or just a single texture with alpha erosion?

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Thanks! the smoke is just a basic texture that is being manipulated using flow maps. Lerping from UVcoords to a random blend of 2 flow maps. :slight_smile:


thanks for the share! <3