Kris: sketch #27 Fire

I was doing a ninja thing… I changed my mind… here is the new thing… decided to go with an archer wall of fire effect.

GO TEAM FIRE! I am off to Oktoberfest, good luck to all the entries! :smiley:

Current State Final:

I couldn’t get my funky little decal in so here is the vid for that:


Will be adding some heat refraction, embers, impact elements, and sorting out the falling projectiles to look more fiery.


Inspired by these…

Dragon’s dogma

GuildWars 2 (I always wanted this skill to be fire)

Added Heat Refraction and embers to the fire wall

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Added smoke to the fire wall…

Added impact debris and trails

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WIP 5 (probably final as I am out of time!)

Added new particles to the bow release and cleaned up the impact debris and trails so they aren’t as crazy.


Nicely done, definitely not something I’d want to get caught in the impact zone of :smiley: The additional particles and swirling trails from the bow definitely add a great touch to the residual effect source

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Tyty!! I just wish I had more time to clean it up :smiley: I may get an hour or so today…

Looks great man!) Animated character is always +100 to the presentation)

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I made a decal to go with the effect but I am not gonna have time to plug it in… here it is anyway…


Right… final one… tweaked the bow release particles… I am now off to Oktoberfest… GO TEAM FIRE!! :smiley: