Kill particle strip on condition

I’m spawning a number of particle strips in world space over distance. They are positiond along a bezier curve, one end planted on the ground like a foot and the other sticking to the VFX center, like a walking creature.
I would like the strips to be alive indefinately, unless a strip is too far from the VFX emitter, in which case I would like to kill the entire strip.

Right now I’m using a step node to return a value of 0 or 1 based on distance. This value sets Lifetime in the Update context, so the far away strips get indeed removed just fine.
What I don’t understand is this:

When I stop moving the VFX emitter I would expect the existing strips to stay alive, since the life time should continuously be set to 1. But instead the strips die one by one.

Can someone help me understand why?

please post some vid or entire your graphs. As I understand it, you want to create an effect that links the foot to the ground, and when it exceeds a certain distance, it breaks?
My opinion is that you should start with a single quad particle first to test your idea before applying a particle strip later. I mean, before adding many nodes, you can begin with a simple system to test why the particles don’t continue their lifetime instead of dying.

Hi, thanks for replying.
Yes, you got the idea.
Here’s a video:
In the first part you can see that the check is working. The legs get created and turn from blue to orange when they should get deleted. This is without the use of any lifetime at all.

In the second part you can see what happens when I set lifetime to 0 for the orange legs and 1 for the blue legs.
My problem is that they die. I was hoping the condition would be updated every frame and the lifetime would be reset to 1 every frame. I tried with higher values, but eventually the strips die, which they shouldn’t as long as they’re in the radius

Here’s the entire graph

I think I understand my mistake now.
I confused lifetime with age.
I basically reset the lifetime to 1 every frame, thinking that it should prolong the life, when it was actually the age I should have reset.
Thanks for looking into it anyways! :slight_smile:

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