KidmanLee's VFX Practice

Hi, it has been a long time posting new stuff after gradurate from University, lazy me…

update everyday if possible, most importantly pushing myself. welcome for any comments, sharing ideas, soluctions, make friends ^^

here’s my artstation, it has my old works, check it out if you are interested:

Recently, I joined a online course from
it has a lot of stunning courses and mainly for VFX. I still remember when I was studying in university, there wasn’t much choices of game VFX cources or no one telling me how to start leaning, so I learn things randomly. Usually, should learn from lv1 - lv2 -lv3 -lv4 etc, but I was like, lv2 - lv1 - lv4 - lv3… because I only pick the youtube lesson that I am interested, so the lv of my study is always flowing and missing somthing…

and I want to spend more time improving my asthetic level so I will try my pushing my self to post procress everyday as I can.

Practice (1) - 1

I have some problems of the decal material using parallax occlusion mapping.
I am not sure how to fix this, I know it is because the view angle changed so the depth looks wired when I rotate it but search around, I am struggled…