Kevin Marble: Sketch #8 WIP

Hello Everyone!

Recently I started playing a lot of old games again, its nice to get back to my roots and enjoy some older games that have brought me countless hours of joy :smiley:

I started playing Kirby: Superstar for SNES again. I love how Kirby has a unique look and playstyle with each ability you copy.

For my sketch, I wanted to re-create one of those abilities!

I am making a rendition of the “Cutter” ability. (for anyone who plays Smash Bros, this one will be familiar!)

Here are some of my WIP GIFS!

I went ahead and made another angle to see what it would look like in 2D.

Right now everything is place holder. I’m still not sure on whether I want to do a 100% recreation, or a re-imagining.

I plan to actually animate some key frames (the actual sprite count for the animation is 10 frames) to help it read better.

More WIP’s to come in the following days! :smiley: