July Sketch Topic Community Vote!

July Sketch Topic Community Vote

Welcome another RealtimeVFX.com Sketch Topic community vote.

As last time, the plan is simple! In the poll you will find 5 options for our next sketch topic.
You can choose up to 3 of your favorite ones. The highest voted topic by the end of this month will be the topic of our next sketch in July.

May the best topic win!

  • Colour Palette Challenge
  • RE-Sketch Waterfall
  • Bubble
  • Status Effect: Burn
  • Rain

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More info on the topics

  • Colour Palette Challenge : Pick 4 colours, use only these 4 colours.
  • RE-Sketch Waterfall : Not everyone was around for the first waterfall sketch, let’s do it again.
  • Bubble : Who doesn’t like bubbles?
  • Status Effect Burn : Make a status effect communicating the target is taking burning damage.
  • Rain : Rain