Juane Gray: Sketch#29

Hello, I’m probably not going to end up completing this by the time the event is over, but I wanted to zbrush something and try houdini out for the first time. I’m not quite sure where I’m going to take this, maby an impact / explode or just an ignition.


So I started with a sphere, modeled this head thing and added lights to the eyes/mouth


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Then I made a fire Sprite sheet and put that onto some mesh for the eyes. I should probably simulate the beginning into separate sheets and blend them together with the sheet that loops, also have a stationary fire inside the eyes and separate sims per eye to break the repetitive look.

Some minor progress

I want to try get some liquid sim in there and have a small group roll and explode similar to banelings from SC2

Programmed a simple movement system thingy so I can spawn and control them to explode on anything named enemy

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Looking good. Adding a timing offset to one of the 2 eye flame flipbooks with some additional smaller flames will help break the looping it has.

Hey Hyawatha, great feedback, I tried to do that by simulating 2 seperate flames and an inner eye, I don’t think it would matter too much if they are loopy, since they would be seen from afar regardless

I added some goo and I redone the fractured mesh to comply with the shape key I was satisfied with.

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