Joppe's VFX Sketchbook

Hello, I’m Joppe, Long time lurker on the forum.
Started as a Junior VFX Artist at Ubisoft Berlin at the end of last year.

Been wanting to drastically improve the level of quality of my work so figured creating a sketchbook and getting more involved on the forum will both make sure I keep track of personal progress allow me to meet more people. :slight_smile:

Here’s some of my previous work, including the recent Artstation Challenge:


hoping to show off more work and experiments soon :two_hearts:

hugs and kisses

Find me online;
:bird: Twitter
:art: Artstation
:nauseated_face: LinkedIn



(Few more because of new account limitations)


Been wanting to do one of these for a while, incorperating it in a sequence, will see if it goes anywhere :slight_smile:
effect is just some leftovers from artstation challenge, will probably improve them with some displacement and gradient mapped values.

as for the shader, it need some work, more masking on the spikes and some length variation as well as eventually playing with specular and roughness though already like the simple aesthetic.


I’m gonna freeze, and possibly shatter, the dude. what the cause of freezing is is still up in the air. Currently mainly just having fun experimenting with some shader stuff :slight_smile:
It ain’t all very pretty yet, problem for future me!

Taking my sweet time with this one, liking where it’s going (Big Shoutout to riot for this one). Posting update now because I’ll be out of the country for a few days, hoping to get closer to a finished state later. Will possibly also add a “cause of spell” as the current state is all effect and no cause.

enjoy :kiss:


Uploaded this version as final to Artstation, Want to move on to either a new project or do some “research” in Diablo. :smirk:

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