Jonathan Hau-Yoon - Sketch #3 - Dragon's Breath

I really want to make stylised fire. I want it to have the presence of 3D (that spritesheets typically don’t have), while also having the beautiful shapes of 2D fire.

I’m not at all confident about this, which is what’s going to make it fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


So… things aren’t going so great. :smiley:


I do like the eyes though

EDIT: Your fire reminded me a little of this kung fu panda fire:

I always wanted to try this in realtime, but never found the time to try it. Alpha ‘eating’ away the flames looks great imo.

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Hey it’s a start! Now that you have a base, you can start playing with some of the shapes in your texture. Instead of emitting spherical shapes, try to start out with shapes that mimmick what your concept has. Using an alpha erosion, or texture decay over the life of your particle you can start to create something that will feel more like your concept.


I really wanted to try mask one particle system with another using a stencil buffer or something, but that wasn’t quite working out. Started over tonight, but didn’t achieve what I was aiming for. I’ll tackle this more post-comp. :slight_smile: