Joerg L: Sketch #17 WIP

Hey friends,

i want to give the river challange a try

so far:

basic foam
basic waves
object recognition with flow and displacement

foam at objects + better waves

i think thats it so far


Looks good so far! I’m very interested where this goes!

getting a lot of problems with my automatic flowmap system
but i think im getting better results

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working also on a stylized material at home

e: skipped scuplting class today(mäh) and set the river into a small scene to see how it looks


nice! are you using distance fields for the foam-boarders?
and how did you do the auto-flowmap-system? are the flowmaps generated in realtime? looks a bit like distorting the uvs in screenspace based on a distance field…

you are right, all results are coming from distancefields, its hard to get some realistic results but so far im happy

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and the direction? are you using ddx/ddy to get the direction out of your df data?

i just get my information of the mesh and give them a proper distortion and add them into my panner → normal map

if this is your question

so far

feels like i have to set up a small scene too, without context its hard to say if this is the right direction


my final submit is the stylized one, had a lot of problems with the realistic shader and not much time to improve it.

the shader works for the landscape spline tool in ue4 and works dynamic with realtime foam boarders and has depth recognition.


conragtz for finishing! really nice work! :slight_smile:

Good job :slight_smile:

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