[JOB] Mobile Studio looking for kickass freelance VFX artist to support a "very tasty" project

Hello there!
My name is Ben and I’m part of Mighty Bear Games studio.
We’re a mobile games company and currently working on a pretty cool mobile project.
At the moment, we need support with stylised VFX to be designed and executed in Unity.
I can’t say much about the project, other than, it is action packed, it is food fight related and we’re looking for an artist with love for strong stylised works.
FX will need to be really juicy, greasy, creamy and tasty!

Here’s a reference for the “style”, in terms of visual complexity: Stylized Explosion Pack 1 | VFX Particles | Unity Asset Store

The job is freelance and remote. Length is TBD, amount of FX is initially for 8 weapons(we’d probably need fire, hit, impacts, ground residues…).


  • A love for snappy, juicy, fun and stylised FX
  • Pretty autonomous from concept to integration. We can support with concepts and ideas, but it’s even better if you can develop your own :slight_smile:
  • Perfect command of Unity
  • Great understanding of mobile limitations, can work with constraints
  • Able to deliver fast turnaround and work in a very iterative manner

Do not hesitate to DM me or send a message to ben@mightybeargames.com