Job Board is Live!

EDIT: is now live! Profiles created on that page will be seen by the companies posting job listings. 30-day postings are free through December 7, using the code “realtime.” Check it out, and give us your feedback.

Hey everyone. In the coming days, we’re planning to add a job board page to the site. This will replace the current “Jobs” category in the form of a board similar to this one:

There are a few advantages to moving away from a forum format for job listings:

  1. Better archiving - Anyone who is looking for a job can easily hop on and see what’s currently open.
  2. Easy hunting - Post a profile and resume to a searchable database, which companies using the service can access.
  3. Sustainability - Provides a long-term source of revenue for the site, allowing us to pay for features, upgrades, and operating costs in a non-invasive way that adds value to the community. A formal jobs board is an opportunity to help us grow and legitimize the real-time vfx community by working with studio partners, and not charging the individuals anything.
  4. Site integration - Shortly after launch, we plan to give featured job posts a header image spot, to bring better visibility to what jobs are open.

As always, chip in your thoughts as you feel inspired to do so :^]


I really like this idea, although I’m a little concerned it will start drawing in more people (and potentially bots) making profiles just to post generic recruitment spam. I’m 100% for artists tossing out the “hey we’re hiring at my studio, you can send me your stuff, or contact X at Y@email” and I’d love for it to be easier for everyone to quickly find work or a job that hasn’t been posted on the studio’s website. I’m just concerned every 3rd party headhunter and their grandma will jump from that site to this site and directly post vague recruiting spam. I know that’s been seen on here and on the facebook page already, though I think everyone has done a good job of flagging that stuff.


Totally understand the concern. To preempt this issue, we’re setting up the board like any standard professional recruiting environment, with a pay-to-post model, making the relationship with studios more formal and professional, and less of a free-for-all.


EDIT 2: After some on-point feedback, we’ve adjusted the price points for posting (see chart below).

A heads-up: I’m currently sending this message out to all those who have posted under the “Jobs” category thus far, in order to update everyone on the incoming changes:

Hello! Thanks so much for listing a job on the real-time VFX forum. I’d like to inform you that we’re sunsetting the “Jobs” category, and launching a fully featured job board next week. We’ll go ahead and leave your job listing up until November 15, approximately a week after the new board goes live. From then on, we will direct all job posters to the new board.

The site has seen rapid growth since it launched in early September. Already we’ve got 550+ professional VFX artists and students registered with user accounts. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, people are regularly engaged, sharing knowledge and insights about VFX. Our plan is to only help the site grow more and more in the future, attracting more VFX talent to join in the community.

By posting job listings on the new job board, you will help fund this community, so we can build the next generation of up-and-coming future VFX artists, and level-up ourselves in this niche craft. We’re offering free 30-day postings with the code “realtime” through December 7. After that, the pricing model can be found by clicking the “Post a Job” link on the board.

We’ll send out an announcement on how to post jobs next week once the job board goes live.

Also, if you’re interested in sponsoring a VFX competition on the forum, let me know and we’ll get you into the rotation. Community contests are a great way to get the word out about your studio. Prizes like a portfolio review, or a tour of your studio could give you access to some of the best VFX talent in the community. At the very least, it’s a fantastic way to get visibility on your VFX job openings.

If you have any questions or feedback about improving the site and/or job board to meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to ask! We’d love to hear how we can make this the best experience possible. At any rate, thanks for being involved with the real-time VFX community, and I wish you all the best in staffing for VFX awesomeness.

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Just a question, could companies also post internships ? If so maybe it should have a low price tag i guess.

interesting thought. We certainly want to encourage studios to post internships, but it becomes an extra layer of challenge when we have to enforce an “intern only” type of posting for the times when a studio pays the intern rate, but uses it to post a full job listing. Also, in my research of other boards, I never saw a site that had a separate rate for internships.

That being said, let’s see if we hear from studios on whether this would be a priority for them. If so, maybe we can find an option that works well for everyone. Thanks for the input!


Wanted to give an update on the progress of the job board. We’re seeing lots of studios make good use of the board. For anyone looking for work, there are plenty of current opportunities: Keith and I are working to build out a better feature set for job posters and job searchers alike. Stay tuned for more integration between the tech of the forum and the job board.

Every job searcher is encouraged to create a jobs profile on the board. We’re seeing more and more companies post as you guys are recommending your recruiters leverage the board for job advertising.

For anyone who purchases a job post, we’re encouraging you to also make a forum thread that links over to your post on the board. This is often best done if a VFX artist collaborates with the recruiter to help get the word out. We don’t allow free job advertising on the forum. This helps prevent a free-for-all system of non-curated openings, and also helps the future of’s financial sustainability.

Once a job post expires, we’ll mark the forum thread as [Closed Topic], rather than delete it, so people can see what has historically been posted.

As more features come online, we’ll have cleaner, more automated ways of handling the forum/job board integration. More to come in the future, as we’re able to get through our wishlist of features.

As always, feel free to drop thoughts and feedback!

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Hi Guys, I’m trying to get a job posting up, but that area of the site seems to be down, can you take a look for me?

Seems to be working for me. Exactly which part of the posting process is broken for you?

all sorted, thanks guys :slight_smile: