Jerome Lim: Sketch #2 WIP Portal


Did a test animation during lunch today, it’s pretty basic but let’s see where this goes…

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Ah man I’m already loving the vibe of the portal. Especially the difference in land in the center.

Thanks veer! I guess it’s a bit of a mini environment challenge for myself too haha.

Ok, think I have enough to start in UE4 other than how it closes… (and really, how many portal openers think about how they’re gonna close their portals upfront…)

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Some initial setup in UE4. When I was working on the rocks I had issues with collision working in editor but not when the game was played. Resolved it by increasing the max collision distance and disabling collide only if visible.

Took some time to setup perforce at home as well as poke around sequencer a bit too. Still lots to do…

I love the subtle rock movement you have going on there! I would almost add a little bit more movement to them even. Maybe a few of them are lighter and get a little extra pull towards the center. Great start!

Cool man I like that you blocked out your concept before getting in engine! I also like that it interacts with the environment. Might be cool if it picked up some cool streaky dust from the ground and pulled it in too!