Jenki - VFX Sketchbook

Hello everyone!

Aftter years of working as 3D generalist last year I started to create some real time VFX. As I always wanted to create some magic and explosions I found real time VFX to be really fun so I joined the VFX apprentice where I was encourage to start a skechbook here to share my work with you guys.

I think it will be great to go out of my comfort zone and go public as well as keep track of my progress.

I will start with my burst spell initiali inspired by mapphite hit from LOL. Model and animation are from Mixamo.

Any feedback will be really apriciated.


Hello again,
I wanted to share my progress with this burst spell. It’s not looking like malphite anymore but I have fun working on it :slight_smile:

any feedback would be welcome :slight_smile:

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hello, I had some thoughts.

1: This ground ring that expands and the comes back towards center felt a bit strange to me. I guess you want to have a feeling of energy collecting, but I’m not sure if it’s paying off.

2: This distortion dome could use a fresnel to help with the hard edge. Its also moving slowly for a shockwave. you could try speeding it up to make teh effect seem more impactful.

3: The ground cracks “pop” away and it’s distracting. they could live longer and fade out better.

4: I think your decal or particle is porjecting onto your character. If you are using decals, in the characters BP/StaticMesh you can do a search for “decal”. You should see a checkbox called, “receive decal”. If you disbale that, decals won’t draw on those meshes.

5: update or replace the checkered flooring. if you wanna keep it, that fine, but change the dark gray tone to be closer in color to the nuteral gray.

6: You should add a light to help with the emissision values

I hope this was helpful, just my opinions.

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Thanks! That’s a great feedback. Really appreciate it. Will work on it and post it when its done.
Just for nr. 4. I am using decal to proejct some “energy” on the character but as i see it’s not working that well :smiley: