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Hello everyone!

Aftter years of working as 3D generalist last year I started to create some real time VFX. As I always wanted to create some magic and explosions I found real time VFX to be really fun so I joined the VFX apprentice where I was encourage to start a skechbook here to share my work with you guys.

I think it will be great to go out of my comfort zone and go public as well as keep track of my progress.

I will start with my burst spell initiali inspired by mapphite hit from LOL. Model and animation are from Mixamo.

Any feedback will be really apriciated.


Hello again,
I wanted to share my progress with this burst spell. It’s not looking like malphite anymore but I have fun working on it :slight_smile:

any feedback would be welcome :slight_smile:

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hello, I had some thoughts.

1: This ground ring that expands and the comes back towards center felt a bit strange to me. I guess you want to have a feeling of energy collecting, but I’m not sure if it’s paying off.

2: This distortion dome could use a fresnel to help with the hard edge. Its also moving slowly for a shockwave. you could try speeding it up to make teh effect seem more impactful.

3: The ground cracks “pop” away and it’s distracting. they could live longer and fade out better.

4: I think your decal or particle is porjecting onto your character. If you are using decals, in the characters BP/StaticMesh you can do a search for “decal”. You should see a checkbox called, “receive decal”. If you disbale that, decals won’t draw on those meshes.

5: update or replace the checkered flooring. if you wanna keep it, that fine, but change the dark gray tone to be closer in color to the nuteral gray.

6: You should add a light to help with the emissision values

I hope this was helpful, just my opinions.


Thanks! That’s a great feedback. Really appreciate it. Will work on it and post it when its done.
Just for nr. 4. I am using decal to proejct some “energy” on the character but as i see it’s not working that well :smiley:

And hello again :smiley:
I got some update for my Burst spell. Did change few things and thanks @Drewgoheen for feedback :wink:

as always any feedback would be great :slight_smile:

hey, I had some thoughts.

1:The center flash goes hard red for a few frames and looks a bit off.

2: some hard “popping” of teh terrian mesh when it finished.

3: is your intemtion that these particles are flames or lava? If they’re flames, they should rise up in the air as gas the gas burns. if it’s lava, I think you need to update the texture to looks so, cause atm its a very soft look, unlike lava.

4: the emission duration for the white lingering spark is too long. they don’t seem to have a good “spawning motovation”, so unsure why they are spawning for so long after the hit.

5: the rocks and sparks have the same gravity setting. Think about things like mass of the rocks and damping ofthe sparks to help breal these two visuals from moving at the same rate, as in reality, they wouldnt.

These are just my thoughts and overall the effect is looking nice, but does need little tuning to make it really stand out.


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Have a nice day everyone! :slight_smile:
And some update:

thanks again @Drewgoheen for your time to give me feedback. Still have some work to do with lava but i think i am getting there :slight_smile:

And I wanted to hare another spell i was working on:

as always any feedback will be highly appreciated.


Both of these are looking really great. Well done on updating the Fire/Lava AOE.

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Thanks! Your feedback helped it for sure :slight_smile:

I think this will be last update of my burs spell. This time i changed the lava for some simulated one and used it on flipbook.

I think this helped a little.

any feedback will be appreciated.


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