Jasontomlee Sketchbook

Hi Realtime VFX!

Ive been lurking around for sometime, so heres a quick intro:

  • Im an indie dev specializing in 2D VFX (digital/pixel-art).
  • I started my VFX journey in early 2020 to create effects as awesome as you all!

By sharing my progress, I hope to inspire someone out there (just like how I’ve been inspired)! Lets gooooooo

2020- JAN (First attempt at an explosion)

2020- FEB (Water studies)

2020 MARCH (Blood studies)

2020 JUNE (First vfx sheet)

2020 JULY (Flame studies)

2020 OCT (Rendering practice w/pixel-art)
VFX_MORNING STUDY_10.7.20_fire

2021 JAN (Revisiting digital)

2020-2021 Random VFX animations
11.5 tutorial 3 mini flame loop

12.28 elsie fire final
2.3 charge slash 3 sides final

to be continued…


Awesome stuff, bro! Really impressive!

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Good stuff @jasontomlee :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::heart_eyes:

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I’m impressed how fast you progressed! Really nice work :slight_smile:

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Awesome stuff man !) Love those silhouette animations and water splash just kick ass)

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