Jaminet Jordan - TGT Competition WIP

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new here, but as far as I saw, it’s seems to be a good advisers community !

I started the challenge this Sunday and continue a little today. This is my first big project in PopcornFx, but it’s will be very instructive for me.

This is were I am for now, feedback are welcomed !

It’s nothing extraodinary for now, I will try to link the effect with the man to see the destructions particles this week.

This is all for now, I will post here my work in progress as often as I can ! Cheers !

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Awesome, welcome! I’m really interested to see where you take this. Will you be breaking down the humanoid once he’s hit by the wave of particles?

Yeah, that’s the idea. I want my all effect be a part of a kind of gun, that will pulverize object, and reform it after.

On the same way, I learn a bit more PopcornFx, so the most difficult part of the project I guess is to link my idea with Popcorn process ahah !

Thank you for your comment, now I have pression !