JAMINET Jordan : Sketch#7 WIP

Hi there,

This is my entry for the contest.


I just finished the blockout, but I have still a lot of work to do with timing and extra effect, but all the idea is here.

Of course, critics are welcomed for improvement.



Hey there,

This is my update for now :


I add it on ue4 and take some characters and animations on mixamo.
I am still on the blockout, but my effect begin to be more and more precise on my head. You can get the spirit on where I want to go.

Still a lot to do, I want my effect to be more ‘smoky’, tweak the dissolve shader, and spawn the monster behind the knight.

As always, critics are very welcomed for improvement ! :slight_smile:


Hey there,

I post a little little update, just for saying that I continue the challenge !
I’ve been very busy the past few day, but I keep in mind this effect, because I really want to finish it and to polish it as much as I can !

I tweaked some animations and some effect in order to fit more on my intentions.
I didn’t have the time to polish the smoky effect, I guess this is my next step !
Ow, and I just saw that the particles are missing during the dissolve effect, and don’t know why yet.

As always, critics are welcomed :smiley:

Hey !

Today I find the time to work on the FX, so I post you my improvement. The smoky effect and the particles are here now :smiley:

So guys, what are you thinking about it ? Do you have any suggestion / observation in order to improve it ?

I’d say pick a more neutral grey tone for the background, it’s all really dark/hard to pick out the effect much.

I’d try to add some more randomness/organic motion into your red swirls…don’t keep everything the same width.

It’s got a nice punch at the end, perhaps build up a glow when the energy transfers to keep the eye there.

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Hey Doggett,

thank you for your feedback :smiley:

Indeed, my biggest work is to continue on the organic feeling ! Thank you for the draw, it will help me a lot !

Btw, I didn’t understand the moment you mention by ‘at the end’ : is it about when the knight is throw down, or when the creature show up ? Anyway, thanks for the tips, I guess I will work on the eye interest on my Fx !

Looking again there’s 2 spots where the VFX dissapear and reappear out of nowhere.

Try and have some more continuity between the stages there.

Hey, it’s me again !

I assume that it’s nearly the end of the month, so I will take the time to finish with this !

This is where I am for now :

For me, it’s almost finish. I want to tweak more about Color or Timing may be, but as always, if you have comments in order to improve it, it’s always welcomed and help me a lot !

Hope you like it either ! :smiley:


HEY there !

This is my final entry for this challenge ! :smiley:

Nothing much has change, just the timing, a little bit, but I also change the smoke texture for something more “smoky” :smiley:

The cool thing is, that the effect is game ready, and run in realtime on UE4 !

I really enjoyed working on this challenge, learned a lot and it’s always cool to practise on something unusual !

What I could change for the future :

  • May be work more with reference, in term of shape and timing. I guess my Fx need more impact and catching phases.
  • Improve the relation shader / vfx and working on something more smooth and efficient between them !
  • Think more in the beginning of the production, about how my effect will render at the end !

I guess I will do this effect in other ways on the future, cause I learned a lot since the begining, and working with animation is cool too :smiley:

Hope you like it, and see you for the next challenge :smiley:

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