Is it possible to use my own mesh with vertical billboard?

I am recreating Annie’s E, but I got some problem with her “fire wings”.



I tried to create the fire wing with curved 2d mesh:

But I if set render alignment to view, the top view will look bad. If I set the render alignment to local, then the mesh will be invisible at 90 degree cause it’s 2d.

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I think I need something like vertical billboard, but if I use vertical billboard, it seems that I can’t use my own mesh anymore.

How to achieve this Fire wing effect? Help!


Hi, maybe I am wrong, but it looks like a texture panning on one UV axe on a sphere :thinking:
If you want to use your mesh with view alignment, you should try to place the pivot in the center of the arc

You can use this

Or try this

for this variant startSpeed will be > 0.001