Is it possible to sample properties from the emitter sampled in the "Sample Particles from Other Emitter" Module?

I set that and it gave me an error
(I don’t know how to zoom out on the log so I screenshotted in two photos)


Click on the parameter on the Parameters docker on the left. then on the right, set default value to Value or Binding

Also make sure your add velocity module is below this scratch module

The issue was my scratch module was below the add velocity, now its working.

But for some reason, it’s just changing the direction in weird increments, if you want I can send a GIF

If you’re using events to emit particles, you can check the option and change it to a negative value to inherit the velocity, and if you’re using staging, you can also select the inheritance id to access the particles correctly

Niels already provided a similar solution a while ago, but It’s not what I want to do

First of all, you can see this effect, the big particles and the small particles are the same color, the big particles are the parent emitter, and the small particles are emitted through the event, I know that there are many faster ways to achieve this effect, but I use the temporary area to show you how I access the properties of the parent particle, in fact, it is also very simple, after creating the event, we can find that there are many more particle properties, where ribbonID is the ID property of the parent particle, And then with the property reader and the ID we can get all the properties, like the picture I get the color, and if you use the ribbon renderer you will find that the ribbon renderer is always weird without going through other emitters, but if you look closely, you will see that it is by ID without the same ID they will connect from the first id to the last one, which is also the principle of the niagara ribbon renderer

Also, if you don’t want the parent particle to always be emitted, you can create a staging area at the parent particle to output a lifetime boolean and add it to the event

For some reason it’s not working. It’s still making the velocity go in one uniform direction. I’m pretty sure I did everything right, if you couldn’t already tell by my other messages, I’m trying to output the velocity from the parent particle, then input it into the axis of the add velocity of the trail/spark particles.

(Also sorry for the pretty late reply)

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There are many reasons why it didn’t work, but the most important thing is that the ID was chosen wrong, so I made a simple particle and you can see if it’s what you want