INGAME STUDIOS - Senior VFX Artist (UE5 - AAA Project)

Here at IGS we are looking for a Senior VFX Artist to join our team in developing AAA games for PC and next-gen console systems. The ideal candidate will have experience creating real-time visual effects as well as being able to work autonomously in a remote environment.


  • Work closely with Art Direction to establish the artistic style and ensure a consistent look across the game.
  • Collaborate with the entire Creative Team and Engineers to create visual effects that support gameplay systems.
  • Maintain documentation related to the creative processes
  • Create pre-visualization concepts by any means necessary to drive visual direction
  • Assist in the constant improvement and stability of VFX tools and pipeline
  • Work with Tech Art to ensure VFX assets are optimized and run efficiently while maintaining visual quality


  • Experience with Unreal Engine and Niagara Particle Systems
  • Proficiency with Houdini is a plus
  • Knowledge of fluid dynamics simulation software (Houdini/Embergen)
  • Good eye for timing and motion in relation to real world physical behaviors
  • Being able to create concepts for the VFX is a plus
  • Understanding of VFX asset costs and impact on console performance
  • Ability to work independently and creatively to solve VFX technical challenges
  • Excellent communication, organizational and time management skills
  • Demo reel or portfolio

Email your CV and demo reel if interested.