Imbue FX clamp function question

Hy !

I was actually trying to understand the principles of alpha erode, and I was watching Imbue FX tutorial :
At a moment ( 5.55)he use a “constant clamp” function and I’m not sure to understand what he is talking about. I kniw the Clamp function but I don’t find the constant Clamp.
Is it the same function or it now have another name ?

It’s going to be the same thing as UE4’s “Clamp”

if you’re clamping between 0-1 you can use a saturate node instead. does the same thing as a constant clamp and is cheaper.

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OKay, thank you for the help ! :slight_smile:

Actually for the moment, even if I understand how the clamp work, I’m not sure about the clamp range for this, but I will try with saturate and see if it’s working, thanks !

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Awesome tip, thank you!

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