Ilya_2021: Sketch#59 Light

Hello, I’m joining the light side. I always wanted to try and make some chromatic-themed effect. Mine will be just a simple burst of energy. I haven’t wrote a good explanation before so feel free to tell me if I should be mode detailed about my process!
I’ve started by trying to make some chromatic noise textures, here are some of my favorites! Used the most simple way, offsetting RGB channels (full graphs are coming later)

here is the progress so far

things to do:
look up some Lost Ark references
second part (energy release)
post-processing effects
maybe decal!
I also want to try adding some glass-like elements, something like this

Final result


I absolutely love light effect! I am here to tell you you should add more detail about your process :heart_eyes_cat: Would love to know more about how to create these types of chromatic effects :smiley:

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Oh, I love these effects. Really wanna try my hand on one, too.
I think at the end, the last is too slow or needs more detail on top to hide the obvious shape, but overall it looks promising already!


Small update!

Stronger energy gathering and some burst emitters, but it still feels a bit flat so going to work on it more
I want to implement some lens flares too
Also a bit more details
For the energy gathering close to the character I’m using a very simple mesh

And what I do is pretty much add a lot of masks, dissolve, fresnel, and distortion :smile: like this element for example

Also a small trick I’m using to create a random textures like this is simple tilling them in a weird random way :smile:

things to do (updated):
look up some Lost Ark references
more dimensional burst
post-processing directional impact frame (sorta) on the energy gathering part to hide transition to the impact ???
maybe decal!??
lense flare?


OMG I had no idea a node so stupidely called existed in Substance! This Make it tile patch color is amazing, exactly what I was looking for! Thank you <3

Also keep the amazing work, can’t wait to see your effect fully finished!


Looks awesome, I love the chromatic aberration you have everywhere! One minor suggestion I have is to keep those glass shards around for a bit longer at the end, I feel like the effect “dies” a bit too quickly. Maybe have them sustain in the air a bit and then fall down? I don’t know, just throwing an idea here.
Anyway, great job!


Another small update. I still feel the aftermath of the effect is too weak, maybe I should make some elements slower :thinking: But anyway I added lens flare and full screen effects :slightly_smiling_face:


Ye, impact couldl be a bit more impactful, but it’s neat! It looks hella sick :smiley:
(Maybe some screenshake)

INSANE ! :o I love it !
Maybe there could be something on the floor? or just a light effect on the floor.

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thanks guys! yeah i will try to add some stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

New update! The main thing that I added this time was a decal

Plane with parallax offset that I control with animation.

I haven’t made a decal in a long time so there are some videos that helped me a lot:
Shader - Unity Shader 深度地裂材质教程_哔哩哔哩_bilibili I used this one just added some gradients and distortion on top
Decal textures - it also was used in that shader video, it was a good start for my decal too, especially helped to figure out a setup for all PBR maps
And just one more really good video about chromatic effects that was very useful in

Still have to polish some things but I’m getting close :slightly_smiling_face:


Damn! The decal added a lot :smiley: Maybe it would benefit from some fade in that would look like it’s breaking. As right now it felt kind of like it just appears out of nowhere. Tho it looks sick!

oh i love this idea, thanks! will try something like this :sweat_smile:

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Okay last update, since i won’t have more time to work on it :sweat_smile:
I was thinking it would be cool to add some smoke for the impact so I’ve made a very bad flipbook In embergen with a small rgb offset, but I think it works because its just a side element :smile:

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Final post, thanks everyone for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


Love it, great work!

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You did a great job, loved your breakdown and everything was just awesome. Keep up the good work with the stunning effects.

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Welp, ya did it. You pulled me out from my lurkers slumber. This… is absolutely gorgeous is what this is. That baked in chromatic aberration is… aaah mmm… oh I love it so much!

Beginning to end, it’s all fantastic. That said… being picky, there is a part of me that likes the simplicity in the earlier versions. It feels to me like something got lost as this got bigger. The final one has more IMPACT, it’s definitely hitting harder. And based on the input you received, you did it! But, in my purview as it’s “light”… the feeling I get from it is, what you initially made wants to be a softer approach. Grace, not intensity. And I find it, from ever an artistical perspective, jarring. I wonder where things could have gone if the variant you present in “light_spell_update_03” was branched out in variations. Again, I’m just being picky, and I’m not to saying to change anything. End to end, it’s all great! You nailed it! And you should be very pleased.

Well done! :clap::grinning:


Thank you! Yep I feel the same, and this is not the first time I added too much intensity to my effects, maybe it’s because I’m thinking about it as a damaging skill :thinking:, i think the previous version would work better for a healing effect or a buff and it still could be very cool to do. So yes I fully agree with you :slightly_smiling_face:

The timing is chef’s kiss, amazing work!
Thanks for sharing your references

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