Ilya_2021: Sketch#46 Dragon Breath

Hi! My first time participating!
I wanted to make something stylized, I was inspired by guilty gear strive VFX.


Woah this is super cool I think you nailed the stylized effect pretty perfectly. Do you mind going through the process for this?

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I started with making fire. It’s a sequence of 9 images, 2 simple particles systems, additive and alpha-blended. The smoke is just a more abstract texture.
I very recommend watching DucVU FX tutorial on how to draw fire!

Also, I used a dissolve shade with 2 textures and a mask to make the edges softer. I used just simple cylinder and a cone with 0 Y size on the floor.

The textures a basically any noise textures with a Cutout filter in photoshop to make edges a bit sharper.

One important thing to do is to use floor function in a shader, it gives that frame-by-frame look to the effect

Thanks!! I wrote some explanations, hope its usefull.