Igor's VFX - feedback is appreciated


My name is Igor Demchuk.

I work in game industry for more than 5 years as a game designer and project manager.

Always had an urge to make art but never was super into drawing. Recently I started to pay close attention to VFX in games and it really got me interested! I thought VFX is the kind of art I can do.

So here I am.

Thanks to my job I have an opportunity to do VFX for games as an extra work. I do it carefully only when it’s appropriate so I’m not any kind of source of really awful and misused VFX in games :slight_smile:

I’m going to post here my VFX pieces and hope some more experienced professionals will leave a little bit of feedback.

Thank you!

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This is my second attempt at VFX which went into production.
It’s a casual mobile basketball game.

Opened Chest Shining VFX


The effect had to be so thick and opaque because it covers a closed chest lid :slightly_smiling_face:

For this effect I made these sprites

I also used a star sprite from awesome Kenney’s Particle Pack

Chest Inventory VFX


  1. Idle chests have little sparks to softly draw players attention. Color depends on chest rarity.
  2. Opening chest has a pulsing wave every two seconds to show connection between the chest and its timer.
  3. Opened chest is jumping drawing players attention.

Some sprites have drawn sparks which looks silly :slightly_smiling_face:

I made chest contour sprite

And used the same star sprite.

Card animation


Looks a bit underwhelming because I couldn’t come up with a good effect for the card spawning from the chest. Do you have any thoughts about it?

What do you think about effects, timings, animations, sprites, etc.?

Thank you!

Of course you can do VFX! That’s a good start you’ve got there.

I also worked on mobile VFX. We used Spine to create awesome 2D animations. We then parented Particle Systems to the animated bones. You should try Spine out!

About the card animation, it feels kinda choppy, but that might be caused by the video recording software. I would suggest you to try out different curves to interpolate those keyframes. Check this website out, I think easeInOutExpo should give the card that extra juice.

As for the chest animation, would be great to try a more exagerated version, take it up to 11! You could hold the chest pressed against the floor for a bunch of keyframes, make it wiggle, and then jump and reach its peak in only a couple of frames. Then hold it up there floating for another bunch of frames, and make it come down fast again, giving it a little bit of bounce when it touches the ground.

Have a nice day!

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Hey, @Lush

Thank you very much for the reply!

You are so right! I didn’t realize how one can make sprites twist and bend until you mentioned Spine :grinning:
Thank you.

You’re right again, it’s just a laggy video.
That’s an awesome advice. I really should try different curves to understand and use them.

Awesome advice! I’ll try this in combination with bones.
Initially the animation had more details, but it looked a little bit off so I decided to keep it simple.

Thank you very much!

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I’m doing a test assignment for VFX artist position.
One of the tasks is to make an effect of wind aura for the Wind Totem which should include wind streams.
Here’s the reference sketch.

And here’s what I managed to produce.

What do you think, is there anything I could improve?
Does it match the art style of the screenshot in your opinion?
Also I struggled with colors. Any thoughts on that?
I think the starting animation is pretty weak, but don’t know how to add more impact and energy to it.


My textures
Bound Wave Dust WindStreamTrail

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Needs more vortex :slight_smile:

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Is this Unity? If so, if you want to make it more like a vortex, you can use this node in Shader Graph with a tileable scrolling texture on it:


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Oh wow I didn’t even think about that, haha!
Thank you very much!

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Yeah, it’s Unity.
Awesome tip, thanks!
Do you know if shader created in Shader Graph work in a Unity project without Shader Graph installed and with default render pipeline?

Thank you.

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No idea, never worked with Unity. I just know about that node for… reasons! :smiley:

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No it won’t, SG is made for URP and HDRP, but something like Amplify shader editor can work on any platform and produce similar results.

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I see.
Thanks for the reply!

Here’s another task from the test assignment I finished recently.


It was made in Unity, basically I made a bunch of different animations and particle systems and put them on the Timeline to play them in desired order.

I think timing of coins showing up is a bit off, there’s not enough emphasis on a player getting valuable loot.
I also messed up scaling of the lid in closing animation, it’s all over the place.
But in over all I think I did a pretty good job :slight_smile:

What do you think? What could be done better?