I made a bonfire shader by shadergraph



hi! awesome fire! can you share the shader that you used for those? or a breakdown? Im a newb in shaders and I wanna learn how to do this specific fire. Thanks

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Awesome shader! it look really cool

this is a universal shader (also used for other effects), so it will be a bit messy. If I have time later, I will make a dedicated bonfire node graph.


Hey. looking good.
The motion & dissolve on the smoke is good & I like the colour & dissolve on the flames too. However, I would say as nice as it is, the flames looks a little too violent for that size/ type of thing.
A camp fire like that would have more of an updraught & a softer flame. I would probably make the smoke lighter in value too for a wood fire.
The current flame part looks more suited to an oil rig fire , or a vehicle fire. It would suit any large scale high octane fuel type fire.
Always check reference before & during the creation of your VFX.

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Thanks for your comments

very helpful very helpful