I can't play several VFX graph at once

I recently discovered VFX graph and I have a recurrent issue that I don’t understand.

I have a prefab with 3 VFX graph as children, but for some reason I can’t play all three effects at the same time when I select them, only one is triggered but not the others.


The only way I found to play all 3 at the same time is by opening the prefab and by going back to my scene, thus it “refreshes” the prefab and plays all VFX but I assume there’s another way.

Sorry if this is an obvious one, thanks in advance for your help!

Not sure if you know about it or not (I didn’t know at the beginning), but you can put multiple systems in one VFX Graph. And they will work as one prefab, so always play together.

If you want them to play at different times, then you set delay individually

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Thanks for your answer! So is it a good practice to do my whole VFX in a single graph, even as it gets complex (maybe 10 parts or more)?

Usually yes, but think of it this way.
Your VFX Graph is your entire effect made of certain effect parts, for example you can have:

  • Fireplace: VFX Graph which will be made of certain systems (fire, smoke, sparks, heat distortion)

  • Rain: (drops, ripples, splashes, lightning, clouds)

Always group them together by type.

If you want to share certain parts of effects within systems, then you can also create subgraphs.

I see, thank you for the tips!

For those who may need a way to activate several graph at the same time, I just found another way to do that : Disable and enable the parent so every children proc their OnPlay mode at the same time.

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