Hyper Laser - VFX Training

This is a VFX I made as a training for more “Cinematic” VFXs inspired by pokemon attacks, what do you guys think ?

A big thanks to Jamora Crawford that helped me with editing and Screenshakes !


Oooh I really like the floral shape and the colors! Good job!

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That was an awesome effect! How did you do the effect of the laser hitting the ground?

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Ahah, thanks !
Basicaly, a heck ton of particule spawning. Being the same color of the laser, the visually blend pretty well. This is the strenght of using flat color, it’s very easy to transition to one asset (here, a 3D cylinder) to another (particle emitters of circle shapes)

Coming from you, this means a lot, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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