Hugo Houriez: Sketch#58

Final Entry
Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Here is my final entry to the Challenge#58
Thanks to Niels to organized it.

I could go further into detail on it but I won’t have enough time and I’m satisfied with it for now :slight_smile:
I’m super happy to finish this challenge and I hope if you participated you enjoyed it as much as I do :grin:

Please feel free to comment !

Enjoy !

Just adding this picture to change the preview of the post

Old post :
Hey guys, trying the challenge of this month with the most cliché stuff that came to my mind with this challenge :grin:

Here is a little quick and ugly sketch, the idea is that the car is a projectile and the rest spawn around the player :

And I started to block out a few elements;

I hope i’m not off-topic or too gready and that I would be able to finish it in time !


First update, juste done the Material of the car

A cellshading mat based on dot product through camera direction and Light dir, I think I will let it at that for now and see later if it’s good enough


Hey guys !

Didn’t had much time recently to work on personnal stuff but here is a little update, basically starting to put stuff together. I’m using a spheremask to mask the “retrowave” environment in order to make it appear as a whole. I think I’ll do the end of the effect (with the car as a projectile), a few extra effect and the timings and will probably call it a day :slight_smile:
Feedbacks are appreciated of course !


Hey guys :slight_smile:
Made some progress today, added a few elements and started to work on the timings

Also made a little PostProcess shader VHS/80’s style, using a stencil here to apply it only on the effect itself

Hope you enjoy :grin:

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Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Here is my final entry to the Challenge#58 :grin:

Hope you enjoy !


I like the vibe, and the shader for the environment, it’s great!

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I like the the look of the explosion. For me it sells the whole “Retro” in the Retrowave. :smiley:
The color palette is great as well. It doesn’t over uses the whole “retrowave pink blue” and fits great with your shading direction.
I wished you had more time on this, to add a lot more to the whole vibe!

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Love the headlights blinking for a moment before the car appears, almost like a predator lurking from the shadows :eye: :eye:

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