How to map gradient on path for VFX Texture

Hello, for various Alpha Erosion and Smoothstepping purposes I sometimes need to create a “path” and I need it mapped from black to white by following the path direction.

For “linear” stuff it’s no issue since it’s just a matter of overlaying a gradient with a certain angle, but i’m puzzled regarding how I can make this gradient follow the direction of a path.

I’m adding a terrible drawing I hastily painted, in hopes of making my question more understandable.

Anyone got an idea?

P.S: Bonus points if I don’t have to use Adobe Illustrator :sweat_smile: but if there’s a way to do it there, I’m up for it!


Maybe I misunderstood your question, but as far as preparing a curve for game VFX, you need to uv flatten your uv-s before bringing it to a game engine.

From this

To that.

Then you use a texture coordinate gradient node in the material editor like this to get a gradient from beginning to end.



I think you want to create a gradient that follows a pen curve path?

You can do this easily in Illustrator by following this tutorial. Just do it in black and white.

If you want to do it in Photoshop I would follow exactly this tutorial using a black background. But when you hit 4:12 do everything he says to do in the shape dynamics but do it inside the ColorDynamics instead. Color dynamics controls the opacity while in the video he is controlling brush size inside shape dynamics.

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Sorry for misunderstanding your question, here is my workflow for a similar problem. I use a texture image brush in Affinity designer, you can also apply it on a curve.
Make a specific gadiant shown on the left of the recording, then use that as the gradiat for the brushes.

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Hi I tried this one and its so cool, may I ask what is the name of the node that has the color blue square on it, sorry Im very new at unreal engine.

Is a vector 3 node. Hold down number 3 on the keyboard and press on material graff. The same principel is for vector 1 na vector 2.

As usual, vector 3 represents color and position at the same time.
Here its used as color.

thanks, this is what I’ve done.


Thanks everyone for the answers!

@towi1max2 oh I wasn’t aware of this “Replace Spline” option! very handy indeed!

@Ivan.J.Grba I’m so glad there’s a way to do it in Affinity Designer as it’s always my first preference over Illustrator when possible and it’s good that it’s a “brush” since I usually need this sort of gradient mapped over a path/stoke to add some 2d motion to my material!

Just Use the Fade Setting in the Transfer section of your brush settings in photoshop. It’ll slowly reduce the opacity from 100-0 over the specified units. I use this to paint erosion maps or path textures