How to make distortion in Unity + Shader forge?



Hello Everyone!! Distortion is the thing that I can`t really understand. I hope you will help and tell me how it works in Unity or generally, preferably with examples of different techniques.
Thank you for help!)))


Hey Vitalo,

What do you intend to do with that Distortion? Do you want to emit distorted particles or do you have something else in mind?



Something like heat distortion, black hole, distortion on slash
power distortion
this dust O_O


You could start using the Standard Particle Shader for those. It’s been introduced to Unity in 2017.1 (or .2 not sure anymore). It’s under Particles/Standard Unlit and has a checkbox where you can enable Distortion. All you need is a Normal Map for it.

Here is a simple setup that should work:


Man, you save my life))) Thank you so much!!!