How to create this earth destruction effect?


This is the earth shader I created by the way:

I just finished creating a earth shader in ue4 and now I want to create a effect where it self implodes similar to the gif above. Can anybody please tell me how this effect was done or point me in the direction of techniques I need to look into to create an effect similar to that one.


well it doesn’t look real time so i wouldn’t be able to tell you how it was done. i think you can re create something similar though. first I would move this thread out of resources and knowledge though and move it into wip & critique if you are looking for feedback.

next i would start breaking down elements of whats going on and see how you could accomplish each one of them individually. you said you already have an earth material? have you thought about adding a dissolve to it? maybe spawning some fx on top of it? do you want a realistic fluid sim flipbook? or would some smoke fx with rotation work? could you shrink everything down or do you want to try doing something fancier like this wormhole effect deepspacebanana created and shared?

also please share what you have so far!

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Hey, Thanks for your response. I actually thought about shrinking everything down but I was struggling to come up with the whole beginning when the black whole begins. I feel like with the smoke rotation might work with the dissolve. I’m gonna test that out and see what happens.

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I havnt used unreal too much for vfx but definetely i would start with vertex offset for the “implosion”, later maybe lerping between the earth text and the sloke text maybe.
Wouldnt be the final but definetely i would have a start there
Hope i helped a bit :slightly_smiling_face:
Edit: a lil start but i think you could know it: Offset Each Vertex according to texture in Material. - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums