How do you get Particle.RibbonFacing?

Hey guys - new guy here… Im trying to get RibbonFacing inside a module, but it always seems to be zero. How do i go about getting it to equal something? I want to Lerp or Interp between a set facing vector of 0,1,0 and RibbonFacing. Its to control the widths of Skidmarks when the slide gets pretty sideways.

This pic is pretty messy i know, but, Niagara is still new to me so yeah…

This is what im trying to correct

Change the scope from local to particle

Think you could post a working solution? Ive tried many combinations. From what i tried, Changing the namespace to Particle.RibbonFacing gave me 0,0,0 as well (i.e no visible trail)

If Particles.RibbonFacing is a zero vector, that means it’s not being set. check the module you’re using to set the value and make sure it’s setting it correctly

That last screen snippet is the only module I’m setting it In. If it’s wrong, could you show me how to do it right?

Or if there is a better way, what I’m trying to do is to effectively be able to control the forward facing/rotation in relation to the car. The system is attached to a scene component under the wheel, and in cascade, all I had to do was rotate the scene component to control the ribbon width during a slide (the cars rotational velocity controlled this). But Niagara seems to ignore the scene component and just takes in the cars rotation (Owner.Rotation I think). I have no idea how to add that scene component rotation other than to control the Ribbon Facing value.

Well, since i couldnt get my initial question answered, ive managed to manually calculate how to set the fake rotation to within a tolerable limit and look. For forward travel, X is set to 0, Y is 1 and Z is 0. For left and right slides, X is set between -0.9 and .9 depending on the slides rotational velocity, and the same for when the slide is hard enough to have the car do a 180 and roll backwards, except the Y is set to -1 to flip the ribbon, which stops giving the twist when the car changes forward to backward.