How do you even start to make this? lol

So, this is gorgeous and I (personally) see this site as the site to get help on this. I’m fairly new to VFX, but I just saw this and the artist (SSenny) doesn’t have a name. Nor does he have a breakdown of this.

Fair enough. But I have to at least ask on how this was made.


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Yes… This effect is masterfully made. And while stylized effects are usually not that complicated, this one is made of many details that would make sense if you start from the most important part to the smaller ones.

So if you wanna make something like this I would try making a simple sword slash (it’s the main part). There are tons of tutorials on many kinds so you should be fine with it.

Then you could look and see what your effect is missing and how he dealt with that ( can help with it if you get to this point)

Tho just gotta say that it might be really difficult to achieve something near similar if you don’t have much experience with VFX. (I wouldn’t be able to make it near beautifully)

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