How do I remove this text from this curved surface object that has 3D Rotation?

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How do I remove the highlighted text seamlessly from this curved surface object that has 3D rotation in the following video?:

Video: Dropbox - 018_Karussell_Totale_Sleepwalk.mp4 - Simplify your life

Screenshots: Dropbox - Screenshots - Simplify your life

I am a user of:

Photoshop | After Effects | Mocha Pro | PF Track | 3Ds max

Waiting for your help.


Hey, it’s a Realtime VFX Forum and most people here focus on game creation, so it might be a bad place to ask. Probably better if you try to find a forum for VFX in films or something like this as it’s a bit different process.

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Ok, Thanks for the guidance. :slight_smile: