How can I make the shader created with the amplify shader editor receive the bloom effect?

In the shader graph, if the render type is set to ‘Transparent’ and the blend mode is set to ‘Additive’, the Bloom effect of the scene is applied.

I bought Amplify Shader Editor today, but I don’t understand it well.

I’ve barely touched the shaders themselves, so I need some help.

The current render pipeline is the default Built-In render.

The intensity of bloom is set to 10
I need help from those who have used Amplify Shader Editor a lot

Hi SuperOrange, :slight_smile:

You need to change your Shader Type depend on your current render pipline in your project.
Like here in the screen shot. If you are using URP than, I think you will need a shader type from the unviersal tab.

If you need more informations you can check it here.

I hope this helps.