How can I grow in Unity VFX :)

Hello everyone, I read a lot of topics in this forum to become a VFX artist. And because I wanted to do mobile game VFX in the first place, I decided to use Unity. But what comes to my mind is this:
1- Where should I start learning Unity for VFX?
2- How can I improve my eyes on Visual Effects?
3- Which resources should I choose to learn?
4- What are the programs that should be known besides Unity?
5- Is it necessary to use Substance painter or Substance Designer?

I will be glad if you answer my questions. I love you all guys.

I’m reading this welcome page theres is a unity stuffs also.

  1. A playlist with tutorials on Unity. The videos are sorted in order of increasing difficulty.
  2. There are two options: either ask for feedback from a specialist, or look at other people’s effects every day. You have to analyze them and try to figure out for yourself what you like and what you don’t like. But at first it will be difficult, especially when you don’t have the necessary technical knowledge.
  3. Photoshop [Substance Designer], 3D software. Inside Unity, possibly shader graph and vfx graph
  4. no :slight_smile:

@a71b64tp0c yes that tutorials good but he used shader forge but i dont know that app. And its app maybe old right?

Yes, Shader Forge is an obsolete, now unsupported program. But it is very similar to Amplify Shader Editor. And in general it resembles Shader Graph.

However, you can still download and install it in Unity version 21. You may be able to use it as a learning tool.

Thank you my man. Please add me a discord. menofel#2077