Houdini - UE4 VAT mesh particles normals


Hello there,

I’m having problems with the normals in the vertex animation texture workflow from houdini to UE4. I’m more or less following this tutorial :

I’ve already had trouble with the exported normals for a mesh actor, the ones packed in the position texture alpha were just not useable.
To fix it, I used a separate normal texture instead and modified the provided material. I added a transform from local to world space node + a constant bias scale of (-0.5 | 2) for it to work properly. I also changed the normal texture sampler to linear color. That fixed it.
However it doesn’t work properly with particle meshes. The normals don’t move with the particle mesh orientation.

As you can see the meshes actor are shaded correctly (white) but the particle meshes (colored) are all lit as if they all had the same orientation.

Any ideas how to fix it?


Try transforming the normal texture like this?


-_- OMG I don’t know how I missed that. Thank you, it’s working properly now.