Houdini Texture Sheet help

I’m getting mad trying to make work the Texture Sheet node of Houdini FX, following the Pyro Channel Packing video tutorial.

I create a basic pyro fireball, laying a Torus and a Fireball Pyro stuff.
Then, inside the Pyro Import node I attach the visualization node to a FileCache and I export to disk all the cached sim.
In the end I create a new cam with 512x512 res and I center it in order to get all the fireball all over through the sim.

I add a skylight with daylight, then I go to OUT menu and I click on GameDev tools Texture Sheet.

Here I setup the node to sample (pyro_import/filecache), the number of frames, and I enable emission, rgb and packed options.

I click Render and I get always the error
Error rendering child: /out/rop_texture_sheets1/composite_packed_pyro

I tried also to change the node with the Pyro Import with saved sequence into disk, no luck, same stuff…

Someone can help me with that?

You can also just put down a mantra top, add the image planes you want to export under extra image planes, export as exr and read it back into cops.

Personally I render it this way and render a full range ie 0 to 100 and then use a time remap (if I have remembered the time node properly, sorry not in front of a computer) and use that to rescale any timing.

Hi @colbaltblue thank you very much! As I’m new to HoudiniFX, could you give me a little more in depth list of this kibd of workflow? Do you know any solution for make work the texture sheet node? Thank you very much

I honestly haven’t seen that issue before, I also don’t use it as I generally use the previous workflow.

Render your sequence as usual and in the cops context throw down a file node, call your rendered sequence.

Then the time warp node. Again not in front of a computer, so some of the lingo might be muddled but you’ll get the idea. Delete the expression on the time warp. On frame 1 put in the value of the frame relative to your sequence you want to see on frame 1 of your flipbook. Then add a key at the frame that represents the number of frames in your flipbook and give it a value of the frame from your sequence that you want represented. Play with curves / tangents to tune transition.

Then add your mosaic node

Then a scale node and set the final size.

Rop output and render.

There’s lots you can do in cops and this is super quick but hopefully it gets you what your looking for.

I would also recommend reading up on the channel copy for cops, super handy