Houdini RBD packed object to FBX/Alembic export


I am trying to setup a houdini/maya workflow that will enable me to bring in an obj that is made up of several groups(ie - stone door) go through and fracture it(using packed rbd) and export this as either an FBX with individual groups or Alembic with individual groups. I cannot use 1 single geo due to game engine requirements for either bones per geo setup or individual grouped geo to be read through a custom shader. Im running into issues where whatever i export FBX/Alembic its all just 1 solid piece of geo in maya. The groups are lost

My houdini setup is standard - 1 geo node with standard fracture setup with scatters and voronoi fed into a packed prims at the end. My DOP is standard - sop solver, static geo’s for collision, a magnet force for explosion of door

I dont know if its a combo of my Alembic settings and my packed rbd attributes or just one or the other. I provided a link to my hip file for help.

Thanks, I’m new to houdini and would appreciate your help


Link to my HIP file

Can you use the :
Games shelf>RBD to FBX
export node?

Check out this tutorial at 16 mins:

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