Houdini files viewer on web browser

Hi all.

I don’t know if anyone here already knows this site so I thought I should share:

It’s a pretty cool way to see Houdini files that other people did directly on the web browser and you can also upload your own files too.

The guy doing this project is going to try to work on a mobile version of the site too.
The platform is free for everyone!
And if you wanna help with support on patreon it will help with further development and features as it is still in beta.

I’ve noticed that I learn houdini way better by deconstructing other people’s projects rather than just watching a videotutorial because then I will try to rebuild it or change some parts of it and usually retain better the information.

I hope it’s useful for you



wow this is really grate, by bye folders full of random unnamed/badly named hipfiles :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh this is so cool ! Thank you a lot !