Help with visual effect graph

I would like to create an effect where from the centre of the character he throws some meshes (in this case some swords) towards all directions, with different angles and after a distance they stand still, but looking towards a point that I put from a transform and then all the swords go towards that point.

I’m doing it with the visual effect graph and I don’t know a lot of things and I would like if someone could give me some advice or help.


For now with what I know about visual effect graph would be to put the part where they stop with the linear drag, but I don’t know how to do it having all different angles and then when they stop they take the angle pointing to some direction.

I don’t even know how to do that part first and then continue with another direction so that they go towards the point.

Intermediate process: VFX RykuFx :D - YouTube

I’ve just been trying things out and I think with the bled angle node I might be able to get it to go in the right direction.
The only thing I need to do in this part is to get the necessary angle so that everyone is looking at one point, regardless of their position.

You want the swords to go to certain points or be totally random each time the effect is cast? As if the first one then simply you can create positions around the character that those points will face (you get the direction by calculating vector between that point and player) and then you would just need to set their movement between player and a certain point.

If you want random, then would need to check and let you know later.

Something like this, in principle I would like random.

What I was doing was:

To create from different angles and end up randomly expanded.

And this so that the speed would stop with the linear drag and then everyone would have somewhere to look.

Anyway I don’t know if with vfx graph you can do the 2nd step which is to launch them from that position to the point.

Xingqiu in 1000% Slow Motion animation - Genshin Impact - YouTube Similar to this character of genshin, but started from the character center and rotating in the first seconds of de age of life of the particle.

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I got it, so I’ll have to keep adjusting it.


Nice :smiley: looks good! Show when you finish the effect

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