Help with Unity Trails/Ribbons

Hey everyone, so this is my first post here, and I’d be looking for a little help if possible.
Right now im trying to do a slash vfx, and I thought of using a ribbon in order to achieve it, I was looking for something similar to the new Kena: Bridge of the Spirits.


However, im trying to align my ribbon with my sword, but it always faces the camera. I’m working with VFX Graph and no matter how I change the orientation on the output, it always faces de camera


I’ve seen it might have something to do with the version I’m using (2019.4.1 Unity / 7.3.1 VFX Graph) but currently I can’t upgrade the whole project to a new version. Might there be a way to overwrite the orientation for the ribbon in order to make it face up like the particles in the image? Or should I just forget about it and aproach it differently?

Appreciate the feedback :heart:

Hello ^^ I’m having the same problem with unity trails; as a temporary solution I would advise you to take a look at Melee Weapon Trail package in the asset store which is free.
It fixed my problem and I hope it fixes yours as well.
Also here is a very long discussion about sword trails in unity; I’m pretty sure there is some knowledge in there that might help you.
[SOLVED] Unity Trail Renderer Issue. :(

Since I am pretty confused about trails myself at the moment, please do let me know if you find out any new information. And since you said it might be about the version, can you point me towards any other guides that use the vfx graph and fixed this problem even though its in another version; because its no problem for me to change versions ^^

Hope this is useful <3

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Thanks for the quick answer! :smiley:

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to make the package work, says scripts have compiling errors and can’t update. But that’s ok, I guess I’ll try to use some meshes like Genshin Impact does.

About the Unity version, seems like using 2020.3 LTS and 10.6.0 for VFX Graph has the orienting issue resolved.



As you can see, with this version it is possible to orient the trail on a fixed (local/world) axis

This is the graph I used for the first image, nothing too fancy, just pay attention to the “Orient: Custom Y” block on the Output context (on older versions its always set to Face Camera Position). Hope this helps :smiley:

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