Help With this Cylinder VFX

Hello, I have this giant cylinder of lava that simulates an avalanche that follows you when you run (as if it were the temple run game hehe) And it is scaled in X, Y, Z to 1/1/1 and I have another one exactly the same in the same position scaled to X, Y, Z to 1.1 / 1.1 / 1.1 and this one that is larger I want to make a shader that is transparent and put a texture like “dirt” with some small stones, pieces of dry lava, etc

So that the cylinder with the lava doesn’t look like it is, but it looks like it has dirt and simulates reality more :slight_smile: How could I do that shader with that mask? Currently, the shader for the lava is like this, but for the mask, what have I said to do in a new shader? I can’t find any video on how to do it :frowning:

Thank you very much for the help and have a great day!

Have you considered using a mask on the alpha of the bigger cylinder so that only the stones and other patches are visible? You should be able to make this work without using transparency too and make it cheaper but that depends on whether you want your “dirt” to be transparent. Pretty sure you could also achieve all of this in one shader/mesh and save you having to use both by having everything lerp based on your mask

It seems like a good idea to me, using a mask with a stone or dirt texture and moving them in their vertex position would make them go inside cylinder 1 and come out, thus giving the impression that they are coming out of the inside and constantly getting in.

How could I make the mask in Shader URP Unlit?

Thank you very much, I have been using shaders for a short time and they are costing me a bit