Help with deleting my collision object in Houdini

Hi Everyone,

Not too sure where to ask this question, but Im having issues with figuring out how to delete or to not have my collision object exported from my rbd simulation in Houdini. Basically I have an object colliding with another object in order to break it and I only want to export the object being broken, not the entire simulation. Can anyone help me with exporting my simulation from Houdini?

Are you using the shelf tools or have you built everything inside one object? Shelf tools should keep everything separate but if you build your own network, you need to change the object merge settings at the top level of the DOP network.
Change the * to the name of your object.

Thanks for the reply. I built everything inside of one object, but I was able to get a solution for my issue. I created a group of the object i wanted to delete within DOPs and then used a delete node after the fact to delete that group. Ill check out your suggestion as well, as it seems like a more elegant solution. Thanks again!