Help with creating flash bang type effect based on camera angle

Hi all,
I’d like to make a screen flash, similar to a flash bang effect.

I know how to add a quad in front of the camera and fade it out. That’s not quite what I’d like.

I want to take into account where the flash bang is in world space and have the center of the flash based on that location. The center would be bright with a gradient fade the farther you get away from the center.

The rub is, I can’t use post process bloom.

any tips?

Something like this, but I used bloom in this example.

Hi Aaron,

you could try to use different gradients to blend them each other.

Maybe something like that here…

You will need this calculation in you shader node or code.

Here the shader, material and texture.


Thanks for the suggestion, code and example. That is really helpful. I have not seen this technique before. I’ll give it a go.

… you are welcome!