Help with Car Smoke

Hello, I am making the smoke of a car and when it hits the ground this happens. I tried using a depth fade and it keeps happening, what could it be?

Have you remembered to turn on depth in your pipeline setting?

Otherwise this tutorial should do the trick for you:

Thank you for answering me and sorry for not being able to answer you, I have been quite busy with the project and I couldn’t find the time to explain the solution. In the end I had to reduce the size of the smoke and make it have a little more gravity so that it goes up a bit, so it doesn’t barely touch the ground, also in photoshop I added a little gaussian blur to the sides so that do not do the cutting effect with the ground, since it is a project where depth fade cannot be applied due to performance issues. Thanks for helping me, and I hope this answer can help someone if they have a similar problem and find this link! hehe greetings and enjoy the vfx!