[HELP-UNITY-SHADER] How to enable HDR?

Unity 2020.3

I feel silly for asking this because I think I’m overlooking something obvious or I’m not getting it right hehe >.<’

I just created a new Shader and it’s Instance Material to use on Shuriken and, when I tried to change the HDR on the Color over Lifetime Module, I noticed there was no HDR buttons ![image|690x364]

Hello Sig,

As far as I know, the color selector in Shuriken does not use HDR at all. What you can do is implement it in your custom shader. Either have a property that you Multiply with the vertex color (I would cal that property “Emissive”).
Or you create a Color property and change the mode to HDR in the Node Settings. If you multiply that with the vertex color, then you can still use the shuriken gradients for tinting and alpha changes.

Both of these can also be driven with custom vertex streams, if necessary.

Sidenote: Materials in Unity aren’t instanced by default, it is actually a bit finnicky to get material batching to work correctly in unity, as there are plenty of misconception (in my optinion at least). But that is another deeper topic for another time.

That’s right! For some reason I was not recalling right :sweat_smile:

I think that will do.

Torbach presented custom vertex streaming the other day, pretty useful!
Will keep that in mind.

Big thanks, Ray!